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Do you get what you pay for?

If the relationship between client and partner should be unconstrained, it follows that partners should make themselves accessible. Our clients enjoy a high degree of partner contact, because we believe that’s the only way partners can know and understand their clients as well as they should.

Of course, no one can have all the expertise that a client may need. So our partners will call in help from their specialist colleagues as necessary. Our flexible and informal internal structure aids communication and co-operation. But we don’t pass our clients from pillar to post: your contact partner takes personal responsibility for our service to you at all times.

And ‘at all times’ doesn’t just mean office hours. On occasion, our clients call lus at home in the evening or at weekends: we know our clients well enough to know that sometimes it’s necessary.


In the 11th and 12th centuries half a million pilgrims a year travelled on foot from all over Europe to Santiago de Compostela in northern Spain. In September 1992 Patrick Shanahan retraced their steps, recording his 500 mile journey in a series of photographs, some of which are reproduced on this website.