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The firm

Your business isn’t the same as everyone else’s. Nor is ours. Different clients need different kinds of accountants. So what kind of accountants are Leigh Carr?

We’re a medium-sized firm. We have big-company resources and a rather wider range of specialist expertise that you might expect – in fields such as corporate finance, litigation support, corporate recovery and computer consultancy. But we’re not a bureaucracy. Rather than suppress the individuality of our partners and managers, we tend to do the opposite. If you want to work with like-minded people who see the world the way you do, the odds are you’ll find them at Leigh Carr.

In common with our clients, our people range from the quietly businesslike to the positively flamboyant. What they share is enthusiasm, a commercial and entrepreneurial attitude, professional expertise and dedication to excellence.

Does it matter which accountants you choose? We’d argue that it does. On this website you’ll find more reasons why we’re the right kind of accountant for you.


> Why do you need an accountant?

> Are accountants all the same?

> Don’t accountants have to be detached?

> Should partners be seen and not heard from?

> Do you get what you pay for?

> Can their international outlook match mine?


In the 11th and 12th centuries half a million pilgrims a year travelled on foot from all over Europe to Santiago de Compostela in northern Spain. In September 1992 Patrick Shanahan retraced their steps, recording his 500 mile journey in a series of photographs, some of which are reproduced on this website.