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Leigh Carr, 12 Helmet Row, London EC1V 3QJ
tel: 020 7566 3900 | fax: 020 7566 0002 | email:



As we work to prepare for the impact of COVID-19, Leigh Carr is addressing the current situation and taking proactive steps to minimize any negative repercussions to you as our customers.

The safety of our employees, community and customers are our primary concern. There are a number of measures we are taking to ensure we manage to safely get through this situation while continuing to serve our customers effectively.

For our employees we have asked them to begin working from home and we have asked all employees to curtail non-essential travel for the time being.  This means that whilst we will be continuing to provide a service to all of our client’s this service may be restricted on the basis of limited access to our records held in our office.  However, as soon as we are able we will respond in full to any queries you raise.

Please email all queries to your relevant contact partner.  

These are challenging and sometimes worrying times, but we feel confident that as a company and community that we can get through this together.

We trust you have found this site of interest. We would welcome the opportunity to hear from you. This may include:

  • your comments on our web site
  • a suggestion on additional content you would like to see
  • a request for further information – let us know if you wish to be included on our mailing list
  • a request for advice
  • a request to meet

Please complete the following enquiry form. Alternatively, do please contact us using any of the above details.

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